What we learned at
OpenWorld 2015

Oracle made some big announcements about Fluid and the Cloud. Learn how these announcements affect you.

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Introducing a New Branding Engine

As of PeopleTools 8.54, your branding will need to be re-implemented in the new branding engine.
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PeopleSoft Fluid UI

How does the new PeopleSoft Fluid UI
impact you and your customizations?
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PeopleSoft Interaction Hub

Learn all about the rebranding of the Enterprise Portal

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Who is IntraSee?

IntraSee's mission is simple: take complicated business processes that run on sophisticated software like Oracle's PeopleSoft applications and make it easy for the casual user. How do we do it? We take our design principles, your processes, content and complementary applications and blend them into a single compelling experience. The easier it is to get work done, the more value you will achieve from your ERP software.

IntraSee's unique approach doesn't customize your ERP software, rather it compliments it and bolts on to enhance functionality. From our ground breaking planning workshops to our award winning implementations, IntraSee delivers way beyond your expectations.

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Portal Workshops, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, PeopleSoft


Our signature workshops get you started on the right foot by building consensus on a strategy with your organization's users, subject matter experts and key stakeholders and will create a workable vision with a clear implementation roadmap.

PeopleSoft Bolt Ons


Jump start your project with our bolt-ons and take your PeopleSoft's user experience to the next level.