IntraSee is excited to return to Collaborate this year in Las Vegas on April 22-26!

This is a great show to learn about all things Chatbots & Oracle, including Oracle Cloud, PaaS and PeopleSoft. Which just happens to be a focus of ours! If you missed us at HCM World or Alliance, this is another opportunity to come check out the amazing work we have been doing with artificial intelligence and chatbots. Come by our booth where we will be demoing our chatbot solutions and how they can enhance your user’s experiences with HCM Cloud, PeopleSoft, and complimentary SaaS applications like Taleo, Kronos, and Content and Experience Cloud.

Not only will we be on the exhibit floor showing demos, we also have a great presentation on this topic. 

Session Name: Chatbots, User Experience and PeopleSoft
Session Number: 110070
Schedule Details: 9:45 AM–10:45 AM, Tuesday April 24, 2018
Room: Reef C
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Because our booth tends to be busy, you can setup a personal demo time by contacting us below to ensure you won’t have to wait to see a demo.

HCM World will take place March 20-22 2018, in Dallas, TX. This is the year that HCM organizations world-wide are focusing on artificial intelligence and chatbots to improve the employee and manager experience. With Oracle’s release of its Intelligent Bot Service late last year, IntraSee will be demonstrating how this technology will change how you can deliver HCM services today.

Stop by our pod to see why the future of HCM is available now, no matter what mix of Enterprise systems you have. We will be showing a live version of our chatbot using Oracle’s Intelligent Bots service, HCM Cloud, PeopleSoft and other SaaS applications like Kronos and Taleo.

Alternately, if you can’t make it to HCM World, you can always contact us below and we’d be happy to set up a web conference, or come to see you in person.

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IntraSee will once again be at Alliance this year in Salt Lake City, Utah, from March 25-28. Stop by our booth (610) for a chance to win a special prize and learn more about our latest innovations. The most exciting being artificial intelligence and chatbots. Your students and employees can now interact with PeopleSoft, Student Cloud, HCM Cloud, Canvas, Salesforce and many other cloud applications, using a conversational UI via chatbots.

Not only will we be on the exhibit floor showing demos, we also have a great presentation on this topic. If you are looking to innovate now that you are on the final Campus release and waiting for Student Cloud, then this session is can’t-miss.

Session Name: Chatbots, User Experience and PeopleSoft
Session Number: 4962
Schedule Details: Mon, Mar 26, 2018 (03:45 PM – 04:45 PM) in Room 250 E
Link to Session:

If you missed this session, the presentation above is now available upon request.

Our booth is always very busy at the Alliance conference, and we expect it to be even busier this year given the universal interest in chatbots. But you can setup a personal demo time by contacting us below to ensure we have a comfortable seat and demo reserved just for you.

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IntraSee will be at the Upper Midwest RUG on October 25, 2017 hosted at the University of MN Continuing Education and Conference Center, 1890 Buford Ave, St. Paul, MN  55108. Our President, Andrew Bediz, will be presenting on chatbots and cloud-based user experience for PeopleSoft clients. We highly recommend checking out this session. See you in Minnesota!

Session Title: Chatbots, User Experience and PeopleSoft
Room: 135 BD
Abstract: Many of you have upgraded to PeopleSoft’s 9.2, their last major release. While you strategize about your next big step in HR and Student systems you may be asking: what improvements can be done today to your PeopleSoft implementation? Maybe more importantly, how can you improve your user’s experiences and not lose that investment when you begin to implement cloud applications? The hottest area right now is Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots and you can deploy them today with your existing PeopleSoft! This session will explain this exciting new technology and how it can improve your user experience complete with a live demo. We will conclude the session with a quick look at the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud which is the next step for PeopleSoft Interaction Hub customers.

The full agenda can be found here:

Update: Our presentation is now posted.