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Who We Are

Enterprise Digital Assistant/chatbot usage is set to explode over the next three years, to the point that it will be the dominant user interface for all systems used by employees, managers, students and advisors. The driver for this will be to massively reduce operating costs for organizations by using automated, robotic, Digital Assistants to perform tasks normally associated with human departmental experts and call desk personnel.

IntraSee has created a world leading Enterprise Digital Assistant for large corporations, the public sector and higher education that can perform complex tasks more efficiently than any human could.  It provides assistance 24/7 in over 100 languages and can be quickly configured for your organization’s needs. 

There are many reasons for selecting our solution:

  • Meta-data driven middleware for automated creation of the Digital Assistant
  • Fast implementations that can be uniquely configured per client
  • Pre-built and configurable Enterprise skills for even the most complex organizations
  • Hybrid-cloud compliant
  • Enterprise-level security
  • GDPR compliance
  • Oracle strategic partner for Digital Assistants/chatbots

We already have won four innovation awards at Oracle OpenWorld in 2019, and have been referenced in multiple Gartner notes and presentations concerning the digital assistant middleware segment of the market – which is considered the highest value add of all the market segments. 

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Andrew Bediz

CEO & President

Andrew founded IntraSee with Paul after spending much of his career in the enterprise software industry. Prior to IntraSee, Andrew was with IBM and PeopleSoft where his responsibilities included product development, product strategy, consulting services and business development. His sessions at leading industry conferences, including Collaborate, Oracle OpenWorld, and Alliance/HEUG, have been extremely popular. Especially those focused on Digital Assistant solutions in the Higher Education world, which Andrew is particularly well known for, and a leading expert on. Andrew has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

Mark Aiman

Vice President

Mark’s vast technical expertise, combined with his business experience, allows him to create practical, yet imaginative solutions for his clients. Mark came to IntraSee from IBM where he served as a Software Architect focusing on integration of enterprise systems. Prior to that, he was an IT Director at Purdue University in addition to teaching technical curriculum. He is also an acknowledged expert in SOA and systems architecture. Mark brings value to projects in the form of many different roles, from strategic advisor, to software architect, to performance load test engineer, or the project lead for an entire implementation. His diverse background allows him to provide assistance with all of the areas of an ERP project. Mark has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University.

Tim Slater

Sr. Director

Tim has a deep technical expertise crossing multiple platforms and technologies. His skills in the conversational AI arena are a key component in driving advancements in product design and development. And as the ultimate team player he acts as advisor and mentor to many people in our organization, and consistently promotes best-practice solutions across our entire product suite. Tim’s ability to communicate complex problems in simple to understand ways allows him to connect with people across all technical and functional disciplines.

Chuck Richey


Chuck has over fifteen years of experience in the software industry and is an acknowledged expert in the fields of AJAX development, ERP systems, usability and software design. His communication skills, passion for teaching and massive knowledge of all things technology are much appreciated by his many customers. Chuck can act as a strategic advisor, software architect or a lead for an entire implementation. His ability to provide assistance on any subject makes him a unique member of any project, and his unflappable nature makes him a welcome addition to any situation. All of Chuck’s projects benefit from completely modular and extensible designs that far exceed expectations and continue to add value long after the project is complete.

Gwen Biernacki


Gwen is a key member of the IntraSee leadership team, was a member of the original PeopleSoft Portal development team that created the Interaction Hub, and has been involved in creating features for the product ever since. Her deep understanding of the software development life-cycle brings a richness and completeness to all of her projects. Gwen’s commitment to flexible and highly configurable code ensures success in multiple scenarios. Her ability to immediately grasp complex and wide-reaching architectures makes her a valuable asset to ensure a strong and robust framework for any new endeavor. Gwen is perhaps best known for her critical role on the IntraSee product group overseeing product quality standards. Gwen has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Louisiana Tech University.

Gary Thompson


A key member of our leadership team, Gary has nearly 20 years of experience in design, development, and deployment of enterprise-class solutions, with expertise in PeopleSoft, the Cloud and usability. He is also one of our top functional leaders within the realm of HCM systems. Gary also oversees many of our product development initiatives while simultaneously guiding our clients to successful implementations.
Gary is a former PeopleSoft employee where he spent over 7 years leading HCM technical teams including PeopleSoft’s very own HCM product development, and therefore has a vast amount of background and experience in this field.
With his extensive product and technology experience, Gary has excelled in providing amazing user experiences through designing and implementing enhanced self-service functionality within the PeopleSoft Portal/Interaction Hub & the Cloud.


IntraSee is looking for highly motivated and creative thinkers to join our team. At IntraSee we believe our team’s passion is the key to our success. We are building a different kind of company where value is not measured in hours, but rather by energy and creativity.

We treat our own team like we do our customers – as vital business partners. Our belief is that happy employees translate to successful customers. We are looking for people who like to attack big problems with out-of-the-box, yet practical, thinking.

If you have five or more years in PeopleSoft, JavaScript or Object Oriented programming, we would like to talk to you. Email your current resume to careers [at] intrasee [dot] com and tell us why you would be a good fit for IntraSee.