AI Digital Assistant


What is it?

According to Merriam-Webster, “Artificial Intelligence is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior”.

At IntraSee we have harnessed various aspects of AI to provide a next-generation leap in UX capability for your Enterprise systems. Using our chatbot AI technology, Ida, we can now enable conversational interaction with your entire suite of ERP systems. Regardless of the mix of on-premise or Cloud.

We believe that the function of a good UX is to support conversations in any format on any device.

We are primarily focused on the following strands of AI:

Machine Learning Deep learning, predictive analytics
Natural Language Processing Translation, classification, clustering, information extraction
Speech Speech to text, text to speech
Expert Systems Inference engine, knowledge base

What’s our approach to AI in the Enterprise? We believe that employees and managers (or students and faculty) visit an Enterprise Software system to complete a specific task (they are not there simply to browse). Each task a user is trying to complete is usually the result of a question that user had. User’s find answers to questions by asking someone, logging a ticket or even browsing/searching web sites. All of these traditional methods are either expensive, time consuming or both! Digital Assistants can take on that burden and the user simply asks in their own words. They get an answer be it about policies, pulling up some secured data, processing workflow or updating data. The future is so much faster, accurate and pleasing.

What do I get?

  •  Access to IntraSee’s pre-built library of skills for Employee, Manager, Student, Advisor and Faculty transactions/queries
  •  Pre-built adapters that enable approving of workflow, running reports and searching for content against multiple SaaS and on-premise systems
  • Industry leading accuracy
  •  A chatbot that can answer your organization’s frequently asked questions direct from your many content repositories
  •  The ability to speak in over 100 languages automatically
  •  Full configurability of the dialogue flow, phrasing and security filtering
  •  Concierge capabilities where a chatbot can hand off to other chatbots or live agents

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