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As one era ends, another begins. As client-server eventually succumbed to the ascendency of the Internet and web-based systems, so too will on-premise solutions fade into history as the Cloud becomes the new normal. For many organizations there will be concern about making this transition. The comfort that people feel for what is known is hard to let go, especially when what is new does not have a clearly defined path to adoption.

At IntraSee we believe in clarity of thought, which means providing clear direction on what can be a confusing subject. And in that spirit, we have identified a number of offerings that will help you painlessly get to your final destination.  We’ve grouped these into use-cases we believe are highly applicable for many organizations currently on the PeopleSoft platform.

Use-Case 1: I am using the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub as an HR or Campus portal, how do I provide the same kind of functionality in the Oracle Cloud?

Oracle has a suite of tools, collectively called Platform as a Service (PaaS), that can meet all the requirements of your current PeopleTools and Interaction Hub.  At IntraSee we provide out of the box integration with the entire PaaS suite with our Usability Cloud. This means that we can take all the functionality you have today and configure that in the Cloud for you, while also making use of all new Oracle PaaS features. You lose nothing, but gain features and exposure to your next-generation solution. Also, as you turn on more and more Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, we will automatically manage the transition from on-premise to Cloud systems. Such that from a usability point of view, we will do all the work behind the scenes to make the move appear to be effortless, while also being a big UX success for your user-base.

Use-Case 2: I am using the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub to house all my content, policies and procedures. I have thousands of HTML objects and images, plus thousands of pdf files and Word docs. How do I move them into the Oracle Cloud so they complement HCM or Student Cloud? And how do I manage them once they are there?

We have many clients in the same boat as you. For many years the content management system inside the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub was the preferred means for storing all digital assets. As of April 2017 Oracle will be releasing a major new version of Oracle Documents Cloud. In this version, not only will there be a sophisticated new digital asset management tool, but the entire experience will be exposed via Content as a Service (CaaS).

Utilizing this new functionality, we will be providing scripts that will allow us to automate the porting from the PeopleSoft CMS to the new Oracle Documents Cloud CMS. Oracle also provides something called Oracle Sites Cloud, and this is the tool by which digital assets can be combined into meaningful web pages that can be then used for HR or Campus Policies & Procedures landing pages (among many other things), as well as integrated help while your user base completes transactions in different cloud applications. You get all the new cloud-based tools of a content management system without having to rebuild everything from scratch.

Oracle Sites Cloud Explained: Fundamentally it’s a micro site builder that has a drag and drop UI that allows an editor to create and organize landing pages.

Use-Case 3: I’ve created a number of bolt-ons in PeopleTools that I know won’t be available in the HCM Cloud. Is there some way I can rebuild them using Oracle’s Cloud tools? It’s not an option for us just to drop them.

We hear this a lot from many organizations, and it’s not too surprising at all. Over a number of years’ expertise has been built in how to develop applications using PeopleTools. And because it was such a terrific toolset a lot of great things were developed. Things that can’t just be thrown away, many of which will never make it into the core HR system of any ERP vendor. Fortunately, on the Oracle platform, and unlike Workday, the Oracle PaaS platform is where the next wave of custom development will begin. And so, at IntraSee, we will be providing services to help you move from one development platform to another. Our initial focus will be on:

  • Application Builder Cloud Services
  • Process Cloud Services
  • Mobile Cloud Services
  • Integration Cloud Services

Using these tools, and pre-built integration using our Usability Cloud Services, we can help you in the move to a new development platform, and with the creation of organization-specific features and functionality that you will need as you transition to the Cloud.

There’s always been an assumption that once you go to the Cloud that everything you do now has to be “out of the box”. With the Oracle PaaS platform and the assistance of IntraSee, that doesn’t have to be the case. At IntraSee we believe in both having your cake and eating it! Contact us below to learn more.

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