Announcing: IntraSee France

Alexander III Bridge in Paris, France

March 2017 marks the beginning of a new era at IntraSee. Today we are proud to announce the opening of our French head office in Paris. Situated a mile (or 1.7 kilometers) from the famous opera house, Palais Garnier, and in the historic 9th arrondissement. This is something we’ve been planning for quite some time, and we couldn’t be happier to begin the next phase of our global expansion.

And to explain why we’ve done this, here are some typical questions we have been asked. So let’s kick it off, IntraSee-style, with a Q&A.

Q: Why France?

A:  It’s a wonderful country and it’s part of the European Union, which means we will more easily be able to work with our clients in Europe.

Q: Will you be employing people in Europe?

A: Yes, we will. Plus we will also be relocating people from North America too.

Q: Will the level of service be different in Europe compared to America?

A: No, it will be exactly the same. We firmly believe that many companies based in the USA don’t do well in Europe because they think they can provide a lesser level of service. At IntraSee we are always all-in on every project, and by setting up an entity in France we are showing that we are serious about this, and see it as a long term commitment.

Q: Will there be future IntraSee entities in other parts of the world?

A: Yes, there will be, and we are currently working on this right now.

Q: Will the senior leadership team at IntraSee be spending time in Europe as part of this new initiative?

A: Yes, our CEO was born and grew up in England, and he’s really looking forward to spending more time in Europe.

Q: So if we need to arrange meetings in Europe to discuss project opportunities then that is an option?

A: Absolutely! We look forward to seeing  you. Just contact us below.

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