PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Ida Digital Assistant Release 21.04

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The next release of Ida, our digital assistant, will be available this January, 2022. Clients can talk to their account teams about a deployment schedule that works for you.

21.04 in Summary

21.04 is the biggest release of Ida in over a year. Our experience over the last year has validated our opinion that having one-stop shopping for all your answers is the key to successful ROI. Running AI like Ida at scale means getting engagement from multiple departments who need to contribute their organizational-specific expertise to the solution. 21.04 is all about creating a powerful, federated AI platform to achieve scale and maximize usefulness to users while taking your return on investment to new highs.

With 21.04, our customers can run multiple unique versions of Ida while leveraging knowledge and AI models that are common to all your organizations, as we call them. An organization is any entity such as a department, a campus, a business unit, a location, etc. This all happens in a single tenancy so the value propositions really accelerate with Ida.

The second pillar of this release is the ability to understand accuracy and performance over time in a fully automated cycle. No human intervention is required to understand how the machine is doing. One of the key mission’s of Ida is transparency around performance of the AI despite it not being a common approach in our industry.

Finally, a whole host of new organization aware reports are now available as well as a refreshed Ida dashboard making managing the solution even easier.

Release Notes

  • Ability to get to help from Disambiguation flow
  • Accuracy reporting without rating data
  • Added tracking of live NLP data
  • FBL Metrics Report improvements for sampling
  • Fixed jumping scroll on Feedback Loop pages
  • Greater language support for system messages
  • Improvements to AI automated testing
  • Improvements to Dashboard UX
  • Improvements to dynamic Hello response
  • Improvements to train/test labels on reports and pages
  • Organization support by Chat location
  • Report: Answers by Channel
  • Report: Confidence Bands
  • Report: Daily Conversation Summary & Feedback
  • Report: Location of chats based on live data
  • Report: Low Confidence Utterances
  • Report: Monthly Active Users
  • Report: Monthly Answers (month over month)
  • Report: Topics that led to frustration
  • Report: Updated Skeleton Report
  • Streamlined FAQ lookup page
  • Support for decentralized Ida setup
  • Updated Environments tile with link to release notes
  • UX improvement to non-prod vs. prod data and tasks
  • Various bug fixes to thumb rating collection and processing
  • Video Training Guides

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