IntraSee COVID-19 Bot for Higher Education

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In these difficult COVID-19 times that we live in, information is constantly changing and therefore the demand by people everywhere to find out “what is the latest news about …” is skyrocketing. To the extent that help desks across the globe cannot keep up with demand.

Adding more and more people to answer the phones is not a viable option, especially when there are so many other things to do. Thankfully there is a way to juggle all these competing demands, and the solution resides with a “digital worker”. AKA chatbot.

When “help” is more important than ever, and it needs to be fast and accurate, a digital assistant (chatbot) can be a game changer.

At IntraSee we have been working with our digital assistant, IDA, to create a configurable COVID-19 chatbot that can respond to the typical questions in the higher education world that are unique to your institution (not stuff that’s already all over the internet). Note: very soon we will roll out another COVID-19 chatbot for the commercial and public sectors.

Out of the box it will be able to answer questions on multiple topics but can also be quickly taught new topics. Included topics cover:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Graduation
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Housing
  • International & Travel
  • Pay & Time
  • Refunds
  • Remote Access
  • Scholarships & Funding
  • Withdrawals
IntraSee COVID-19 Chat Dialogue

Figure 1: A COVID-19 bot, helping students, parents, faculty and staff

Students, parents, faculty, staff can all interact with the COVID-19 bot. They won’t need to login to ask questions that are not private to the user. And it is smart enough to not get confused between student related questions and faculty related questions.

It also has an advanced language processor that can quickly be taught terminology and acronyms that are unique to your institution. And will engage with the user to disambiguate any vague question such that it knows exactly what to answer. It won’t be guessing and providing the wrong answer.

Better still, it can be managed by subject matter experts with a simple UI to update/add answers as things quickly change in your world. And in case you are wondering, yes, it can also hook into your on-premise PeopleSoft system to perform transactions and answer data-related questions, as well as interact with other learning systems you may have.

So, this is not a one-trick pony, and can be extended to be your one-stop bot for all your campus needs.

And one more thing. It can be implemented in one-to-two weeks. So this is something you can do now!

All of our digital assistant solutions are implemented by starting with a pilot program. The following table summarizes the various implementation options for all of our pilots. And you can always start with our COVID-19 bot and transition over to a full campus digital assistant. Note: we will be offering heavily discounted pricing for the next two months.

IntraSee Pilot Compare

Figure 2: Summary of implementation options

And in the words of John Lennon…

I need somebody
(Help!) not just anybody
(Help!) you know I need someone
– John Lennon

You don’t need help from just anybody, or any chatbot for that matter. IntraSee’s COVID-19 bot is ready to help take away the stress from your help desk. 

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