Announcing: IntraSee Products in the Oracle Sites Cloud “app store”

The First iPhone

Beginning January 2017 IntraSee is proud to announce that all IntraSee products will be available as components that can be dragged and dropped into Oracle Sites Cloud. What this means is that data and applications from multiple systems can now be fully embedded into Oracle Sites Cloud, providing world class usability solutions out of the box. Systems included will be: PeopleSoft, Taleo, Oracle HCM Cloud, SuccessFactors,, Kronos, and many more. These components will also be available in multiple UI styles, and also as composite components that consolidate from multiple systems.

So why is this big news? Remember June 2007? That was when the iPhone was launched. Remember July 2008? That was when the app store was opened, and that’s when things got really interesting. All of a sudden you could just drag and drop whatever you needed onto your phone, creating instant usability without the need to be a tech guru.

The concept was very simple and summarized with the phrase, “there’s an app for that”.  At the time this was a revolutionary, and out of character, move by Apple. Instead of assuming that they knew best what their customers wanted, they decided to embrace the concept of a market, and the idea that if vendors could compete in that market that the ultimate winner would be everyone who owned an iPhone. This would be a key differentiator and what would lead the iPhone to be the most successful electronic product of all time. All they had to do was create a framework that vendors could use to publish their products and then allow demand and supply to turn it into a massive success.

Oracle has now fully embraced this concept and has provided the same kind of feature for their PaaS suite. There is now a vendor catalog inside Oracle Sites Cloud that will take it to the next level, and will bring commercial-like features and ease of use into the Enterprise software market. Something that has long been coming. The days of lengthy and expensive implementations, IT bottlenecks, poor usability, and failed projects will be coming to an end. Now, configuring your ERP system will be like organizing your phone. Just grab “widgets” from a vast array of UX options and drag and drop them into a fully functional ERP or Campus solution.

And this is what our announcement brings to Oracle Sites Cloud. It’s the app store you always wanted for your ERP applications. Fully configurable and designed to be implemented by the business community.

Sites Cloud Screenshot

Oracle Sites Cloud with IntraSee Usability Cloud

Even better, because these are plug and play components within Sites Cloud, it also means that as you transition from one application to another (ex: PeopleSoft to HCM Cloud or Cornerstone to Taleo) that all you need to do is replace one component with another (remember when you ditched MapQuest and went with Google maps?). This is how we support what we call our Usability First methodology, and how we can facilitate a smooth transition to the Cloud.

Also, to ease any transition, we will also be providing REST API’s for PeopleSoft, and any other systems you may need, that can then be accessed via the Oracle PaaS suite. This will mean that you can now start building your own applications using Oracle’s Application Builder Cloud Services (ABCS). Which will  allow you to protect your technology investment dollars by using a UX Tool that will be the basis of all your future Cloud development.

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