Learn all about the rebranding of the Enterprise Portal

The PeopleSoft Interaction Hub

In June, 2012 Oracle announced that it was rebranding the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal as the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub. We believe this move was largely a way to differentiate PeopleSoft’s portal from the other portals Oracle now owns including WebCenter. The reality is that the product hasn’t changed and the focus remains on bringing enhanced value to the use of enterprise applications.

The new Restricted Use Licence

As part of the rebranding, Oracle is announcing some additions to the Restricted Use Licence (RUL) of the Interaction Hub. Because the portal technology is part PeopleTools and part portal applications, every customer already has some of the portal features in their application databases. Before this announcement you could use features like Pagelet Wizard and Navigation Collections without owning a portal license. With this announcement, the RUL has extended a greater feature set to all applications. The most significant additions are the Branding Engine and Unified Navigation. What this means in simple terms is that any PeopleSoft customer can now launch a basic portal with branding at no addition cost.

What’s the catch?

Most sophisticated portals, including almost all of the projects we work on, need a Content Management System. With the RUL you are not licensed to use the Interaction Hub’s CMS. This is a major factor for companies looking to deploy state of the art portals. Naturally you want your content married with your transactions and to do that you need the full license.

We can help

Whether you want to launch a portal on this new RUL or you want to understand why you need the full license, IntraSee is here to help you. Simply contact us and we can setup a time to talk you through your options and advise you on how to maximum your user’s experiences.

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