Introducing Our ODA Tune Up Service

Despite what the marketing departments will tell you, artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t magic. AI is just a collection of probabilities, but those probabilities feed on data and human input. Yes, humans play a critical role in AI. The newly hyped GPT-3 model has 3 phases of human input. Alexa and Siri have teams of humans helping the AI grow. In short, your AI can’t perform without the human AI experts. But what if you don’t have a team that lives and breathes this technology every day?

Starting today IntraSee is now offering an annual Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) Tune Up service. This service will use our AI teams to review your model and training data with the purpose of eliminating misunderstanding and increasing accuracy in your bot. The Tune Up service will provide actionable feedback using our empirical methods and AI testing tools to show you exactly where your bot is struggling. 

Oracle Digital Assistants AI and Natural Language tuning service

We have been building and running Oracle Digital Assistants (ODA) since the product was generally available some 3+ years ago. As one of the first companies to deploy these bots, we have learned quite a bit. To achieve success in your chatbot project, the key lesson is that accuracy is job #1. We have spent the past three years figuring out just the right methods for maximizing these bots’ accuracy on ODA. Our clients are achieving greater than 90% accuracy from their NLP (natural language processing) as a result.

For your Machine Learning application to achieve high accuracy, you need a strong model and well-tuned training data; and to get those, you need AI experts. At IntraSee we use a team of data scientists, AI architects and computational linguists to produce our best-in-class accuracy results. 

Users tell us the most common reason they won’t use a bot is because they don’t believe it can help. In other words, the bot didn’t understand their questions. With improved understanding, adoption will increase, greater service will be provided, and more ROI unlocked. Just as humans see a doctor each year for a check-up, your bot needs their own check-up by the leading team of experts in this field.

For a limited time, we are offering an attractive introductory rate. To learn more, please contact us below.

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