PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: IntraSee & Oracle Digital Assistant Updates – October 2019

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At IntraSee we are super excited to announce that version DA-19.3.1 is currently being rolled out to all our customers. As usual, many thanks to Oracle for all their support and collaboration as we utilize their excellent Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) technology via our Hybrid-Cloud compatible, GDPR compliant, and world leading meta-data driven middleware solution.

Our goal of automating every aspect of ODA design, build, test, and deployment wouldn’t be possible without having such an awesome partner to work with. So, with that said, here are the highlights for IntraSee DA-19.3.1:

  1. Ability for the Digital Assistant to proactively remind and assist the user with approving/rejecting workflow/tasks from over 10 SaaS vendor systems, plus multiple on-premise systems (including PeopleSoft)
  2. Enhancements to Microsoft Teams channel support for ODA
  3. More human-like conversational flows
  4. Fully automated predictive utterance testing, and automated daily utterance analysis reports
  5. Improved handling of case creation and live person transfers
  6. Improved performance of all response times
  7. Configurable notifications for all conversation flows
  8. Configurable ability for managers/advisors to assign tasks to employees/students
  9. Additions to the Skills Library (more delivered HCM & Campus skills)

Product Update Notes

Many of the product changes we focused on in this release were centered around adding more features around workflow/task management and notification. Having the Digital Assistant be able to track workflow in many SaaS and on-premise systems and proactively remind and guide the user through to completion is an important product milestone. Much time is wasted in many organizations having highly paid departmental experts having to monitor and chase up with managers to get them to approve/reject important tasks they need to attend to. Now this is fully automated and the Digital Assistant can handle the entire process with the manager/employee.

Also, via a conversation, managers can now assign tasks to their team members, such that the Digital Assistant will then ensure they get completed.

Note: Remember, the most expensive aspect of your Enterprise system isn’t the software cost. It’s the cost of the humans that support it. Reducing the demands on their time will massively reduce your operating costs. 

Additional features were also added to make conversations more human-like by adding contextual verbiage as part of the conversation to better guide the human. We also added improved logging of cases in any help desk system (including Salesforce), as well as an improved transfer to a live agent if the Digital Assistant detected the human needed interaction with a help desk person to resolve their need.

The main UI additions for this release were to enhance support for Microsoft Teams as a channel. Given the huge adoption rates of Microsoft Teams, and the high level of security this provides, we expect this channel to quite possibly eclipse the web channel for many organizations in 2020.

The following video shows a conversation in MS Teams with Charlie the ODA chatbot, speaking both Spanish and English. Out of the box ODA will speak over 100 languages, so this is a terrific and simple way of enabling multi-lingual self-service for your organization.

Figure 1: Animation of the Digital Assistant in Microsoft Teams speaking Spanish and English

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