PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Ida Digital Assistant Release 22.01

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The next release of Ida, our digital assistant, will be available April, 2022. Clients can talk to their account teams about a deployment schedule that works for you.

22.01 in Summary

There are two big, new features in this release of Ida. The first is called Ida Suggestions. Users of digital assistants tend to ask questions only when they have a problem. It is a very reactive pattern that is hard to break. This behavioral trend can be a barrier to discovering new ways the digital assistant can help you. We are focused on flipping this dynamic to a more proactive model where Ida routinely adds value to your user’s days. Ida Suggestions is a new, proactive feature which will suggest to users ways in which Ida can help. Whether it is what is popular lately to what is seasonally relevant, Ida will give you that little nudge to solve your issue before you even know you have a question.

The second feature of note is a new Feedback Loop mode called, High Value Mode. When High Value Mode is enabled, Ida will algorithmically target certain interactions where you can focus ratings/annotations for maximum value to the machine learning. We expect this mode to provide 10x more value per hour spent rating which ultimately will save our clients a ton of time while keeping the accuracy very high.

The release also includes routine fixes, new reports, training materials and catalog updates.

Release Notes

  • PeopleSoft on-prem environment refresh guide
  • New 22.01 Training Videos
  • Breakout collision fix when running in DA
  • Improve security packaging for on-prem
  • Dynamic location entity and answer source
  • Improved remote call request error logging
  • Added “Who built you?” intent
  • Feedback loop High Value Mode
  • Improved error handling when no questions available
  • Friendlier admin previews for remote answers
  • Thumbs Results Report
  • Long Term Trend KPIs
  • Cloud based, realtime thumbs satisfaction data collection
  • Update ChatUI to support embedding in ServiceNow
  • Add DA specific metadata fields to automated deployment
  • New live NLP data reports
  • Updates Convo Dashboard to use Convo Log Summary Table
  • Updated Convo Log reporting table
  • Added Question Type component for client use
  • Resolved an issue where phones/addresses weren’t using self-service display flag
  • Better handling of step-up authentication when user doesn’t exist in IUC
  • Added “incorrectly presented” to auto test output
  • Improved performance of chat locations report
  • Mobile MS Teams task module fixes
  • Ida Suggestions (what’s new, not tried, popular)
  • FBL simplified ignored outcome option
  • FBL filter by topic option
  • Report: Monthly Active Users (by Org)
  • Fixed an issue with an excessive margin on reporting pages
  • Support for groups in FAQ import file
  • Corrected FBL match calculation in Metrics Report
  • Added clarity to some intro text
  • Removed dependencies on IntraSee WebUX modules for address in-chat form
  • Added consistency to labels and naming
  • Ability to add an FAQ directly from FAQ Search page
  • Updated non-auth-to-auth handoff response

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