PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Ida Digital Assistant Release 22.02

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The next release of Ida, our digital assistant, will be available July, 2022. Clients can talk to their account teams about a deployment schedule that works for you.

22.02 in Summary

This release of Ida covers a few notable areas: new adapters, bot building efficiency and various bug fixes and improvements. Let’s start with the adapters. We have added or made major improvements in this area including an adapter for Kase ticketing and for handing over to SnapEngage’s live agent chat. Salesforce’s adapter has undergone improvements to use the more modern REST APIs and the addition of using Salesforce fields as a summary answer. Finally, some additions and fixes were made to the PeopleSoft Campus adapter.

Bot training and building has undergone major efficiency improvements which could decrease bot build time over 90%. Some new reports and analytics have been added as well as a new Analytics Center. The Analytics Center is a one-stop-shop page to get that cockpit view of how your digital assistant is running. Finally, many various bug fixes are also included in this release.

Release Notes

  • New 22.02 Training Videos
  • Improve security packaging for on-prem packages
  • Error code exceptions now included in chat
  • New Campus Intent: Tell me about History 101
  • New opt-in/out option for incremental bot rebuilds
  • Livechat adapter for SnapEngage
  • Breakout collision fix when running in DA
  • Organization Fixes
  • Improved remote call request error logging
  • Various Suggestions fixes
  • Various On-Prem Security Sync Improvements
  • Improvements to FAQ summary answers
  • New Kase Adapter
  • Updated archiving process
  • Additional Long Term Trend KPIs
  • Month by month conversation Location Report
  • Optimizations to bot training and building
  • Ida Suggestions Usage Report
  • Passing of sub-org to remote DSPs
  • Improved help and low-confidence dialogue text
  • PeopleSoft environment refresh guide
  • Make Suggestions configuration client accessible
  • Student immunization answer source fixes
  • Added Salesforce summary provider
  • Bugfix to Topic Accuracy KPI Tile
  • Streamlined sub org answer overrides
  • Dynamic location entity and answer source

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