PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Ida Digital Assistant Release 22.03

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The next release of Ida, our digital assistant, is now available. Clients can talk to their account teams about a deployment schedule that works for you.

22.03 in Summary

Ida 22.03 focuses on continued automation, improvements to non-authenticated chat analytics and UX improvements to translated conversations along with the routine bug fixes and other minor enhancements. Our goal is to fully automate the training and deployment of Ida bots and 22.03 moves us a couple steps forward.

Additionally, this release introduces beta support for the Oracle SDK web channel UI. This web channel offers a different look and feel as well as some new features. The first is the ability to voice chat over the web with Ida. Ida can understand your voice and also respond with its own voice. This new channel also supports persistent chat logs as you move from page to page and auto-suggest questions to improve accuracy from its already stellar performance.

Release Notes

  • Entity event handler support
  • Streamlined UI Kit javascript library used in Ida web channel
  • Beta support for ODA SDK ChatUI, including: voice support, type ahead, saved conversation summary and more
  • Improved bot training automation (beta)
  • Improved top topic chart in IUC console
  • Sub-org rating suggestions now filter out peer orgs
  • Feedback loop now lists rating history of who have rated/approved/rejected
  • Fixed an issue with top questions report in Federated Mode
  • FAQ upload supports additional answer providers
  • Improved same intent dialog while in DA context
  • Improved conversation tracking for guest users
  • Support for fuzzy entity matching
  • Various federated mode fixes
  • Consolidated conversation creation logic
  • Maintenance mode for content/data providers (take systems offline with graceful bot responses)
  • Resolved an issue with duplicate rows in feedback loop
  • New dedicated config pages for integration adapters
  • Improved FBL display for utterances sent to help
  • Fixed an issue where interactions were not showing in Feedback Loop
  • Corrected behavior with feedback loop with legacy data
  • Export/import now available for all training data
  • Safeguard prevention of FAQ use of certain question types (Frustration, Greeting, Help)
  • Pre-translation text warning users the response is auto-translated
  • Fixed an issue with Thumbs ratings on non-content based FAQs
  • Additional safeguards to training data in production
  • Stopped enforcing “list max check” for FAQ Question Inputs
  • UI support for FAQ question overrides

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