PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Ida Digital Assistant Release 22.04

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The next release of Ida, our digital assistant, is now available. Clients can talk to their account teams about a deployment schedule that works for you.

22.04 in Summary

Ida 22.04 releases many housecleaning items and general fixes. The focus of new features started with improved support for a new ODA Web Channel complete with chat transcript storage, voice channel support, autosuggest, improved read more functionality and much more.

Next we have many new reports available and new/improved intents and PeopleSoft Campus data sources for Exams, Deadlines, Course Catalog and Registration Appointments.

Finally, we are adding an advanced Find/Replace tool for fixing answers in one swift click and the ability to schedule bot down time to bring the entire bot down and present the user a message about its status and when it will be available again.

Release Notes

  • Automated scheduled downtime for entire bot for support of maintenance windows
  • Configurable list of allowed languages for translation
  • New Class Deadlines Intent
  • New configuration options for Help Escalation
  • New Course Catalog Search intent
  • New dedicated config pages for adapters
  • New Find/Replace Answer Text Tool
  • New frequent Users report
  • New Ida bundled Live Chat integration
  • New Rater Progress Report(s)
  • New Registration Appointments Intent
  • New Suggestions reports
  • New Question Confidence Regression Report
  • Salesforce adapter ticket logging enhancements
  • Better automated duplicate feedback handling in High Training/Value modes
  • Fixed an issue where FBL was showing the wrong sub-org’s answer text
  • Fixed issue with long topic labels in KPI tile
  • Improved Dashboard Conversation Log
  • Improved disambiguation help support
  • Improved error messages for unexpected remote answers for Salesforce
  • Improved FAQ Read More styling
  • Revised Exam Schedule Intent
  • Streamlined client user IUC console access permissions
  • User counts in reports now more closely reflect distinct guest users
  • Web channels: Replaced lightboxes with Slide Out support
  • Web channels: removed debug web console messages
  • Web channels: dynamic down message support

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