PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Ida Digital Assistant Release 23.02

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Introducing Ida 23.02: Embracing the Future of Digital Assistance with Generative AI and Alert Features

We’re thrilled to unveil the newest version of our advanced digital assistant, Ida 23.02. With a series of transformative enhancements, crucial fixes, and forward-looking features, Ida 23.02 is poised to push the conversational UI to new levels. In this release, we’re particularly excited to highlight three key features that set a new benchmark in AI-assisted functionalities.

Spotlight Features

New Generative AI to Suggest FAQ Answers: This powerful feature is a game-changer in the realm of digital assistance. Our newly implemented generative AI technology takes Ida beyond just retrieving information—it predicts and suggests answers to your questions, significantly improving the efficiency of managing Ida.

New Generative AI Training Assistant: We understand the importance of training AI models efficiently, and our new generative AI training assistant is designed to make this process smoother. By assisting in the AI model training process, this feature enhances overall performance and results in more accurate, reliable predictions and responses while saving you tons of time.

New Ida Alerts Feature: Stay on top of important notifications and updates with our new Ida Alerts feature. This feature ensures your users are alerted to timely information and deadlines to drive your business processes.

Full Feature List

Here’s a summarized list of all the features, enhancements, and fixes included in the Ida 23.02 release:

  • Ability to disallow suborg overrides on certain questions
  • Bot filter added to Search FAQ pages
  • Added new HCM data sources
  • Protection against excessive log files
  • Summarization provider fine-tuning configurability
  • Adjustments to thresholds in NLP algorithms
  • Certification of the latest Oracle Web SDK
  • Clients can now update smalltalk responses
  • FAQ file importer now handles answer providers more completely
  • Fixed issues with click tracking while in federated mode
  • Fixed issues with suggestions snooze
  • Fixed performance issue with large lists
  • Fixed issue where summary provider produced blank summary
  • Fixed issue where thumbs up was being deleted when using the ODA Web UI [IUC]
  • Fixed issue with person name recognition
  • Improved configuration options around user identity determination
  • Improved efficiency of sorting question lists
  • Improved Help intent UX to match Related Intents UX
  • Improved utterance passing to livechat adapter
  • Improvements to ODA and Ida WebUI
  • Incremental builds are now federated mode aware
  • New feature to capture any User IDs denied access to chat
  • New filter for question type on ratings pages
  • New In-Chat Form seamless UX degradation based on security
  • New options for debugging cloud functions
  • Stability improvements to OpenAI integration
  • Update Ida support for date entity/values in new ODA versions

With these enhancements, we are reimagining what digital assistance can do. Join us on this exciting journey and explore the full potential of Ida 23.02 today! Contact us below to learn more and setup your own personal demo.

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