PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Ida Digital Assistant Release 23.03

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We are thrilled to announce the release of Ida 23.03, the latest version of our digital assistant that brings along a myriad of new features, enhancements, and optimizations aimed at bolstering user engagement and streamlining administrative tasks. Drawing insights from our prior release (Ida 23.02), we’ve refined the user experience further and introduced functionalities that add a new dimension to interaction and content management within the Ida Console. Let’s delve into the spotlight features of this release.

Spotlight Features

  1. Optimized Alerts and Tasks User Experience: Experience a seamless flow of alerts and tasks with our optimized user interface for Ida Alerts, making it easier to stay updated and take action on critical items without the usual hassle.
  2. New Ida Alerts API: Unleash the power of real-time alerts with our new API, allowing for a more integrated and automated alert management.
  3. New and Improved Rich Editor in Ida Console for FAQs: Crafting FAQ responses has never been easier with our enhanced rich editor, ensuring that your answers are both informative and engaging.
  4. New Page to Review and Accept FAQ Suggestions: Manage FAQ suggestions effectively with a dedicated review page, streamlining the process of keeping your FAQ section updated and relevant.
  5. New Support for Dynamic Entities: Elevate your interaction with dynamic content, allowing for a more personalized and contextual user engagement.

Full Feature List

Here’s a summarized list of all the features, enhancements, and fixes included in the Ida 23.03 release:

  • Improvements to greeting users by name with support for multiple system of record
  • Certified latest Oracle Web SDK 23.08
  • Improved handling when student is not activated in any term
  • Optimized Alerts and Tasks User Experience
  • Suggestion frequency update for guest users
  • Optimized process for ingesting production utterance for rating
  • New utterance exclusion list for reports
  • New Ida Alerts API
  • New universal update phone skill
  • New quick links tile in the console
  • Data storage optimizations and archive KB article now available
  • New help fall back option for user to suggest a question to learn
  • Thumbs rating responses are now configurable
  • New and improved rich editor now available in Ida console for FAQs
  • Resolved issue where Topic Accuracy KPI was sometimes blank
  • New page to review and accept FAQ suggestions
  • New support for Dynamic Entities
  • Improved UI for ratings while in HVL Mode
  • Auto Tests now automatically purge old data
  • Support for running smalltalk in a multi-skilled digital assistant
  • New source field for FAQs
  • Ability to make decisions based on which Web Channel is being used
  • Fixed Tracking Id field on skill exports
  • Optimized NLP thresholds
  • Define list of utterances to omit from reports and rating pages
  • Override-allowed questions now allow sub-org to opt-out of the question.

The Ida 23.03 release embodies our continuous effort to refine, innovate, and deliver a digital assistant that meets the growing demands of an interactive and efficient user engagement. With each update, we move a step closer to making Ida an indispensable asset for your organizational needs. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to unravel more features and improvements in the near future!

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