PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Ida Digital Assistant Updates – June 2020

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At IntraSee we are super excited to announce that the latest version of Ida (IDA-20.6.1) is currently being rolled out to all our customers. As announced last week, IntraSee and Ida are now two separate entities, but it’s still business as usual for how we service our clients.

As usual, many thanks to Oracle for all their support and collaboration as we embed their excellent Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) technology into the core of Ida, via Ida’s Hybrid-Cloud compatibleGDPR compliant, and world leading meta-data driven middleware architecture.  

Our goal of automating every aspect of the conversational Enterprise & Campus would not be possible without having such an awesome partner to work with. So, with that said, here are the highlights for Ida IDA-20.6.1:

  1. Automation of monitoring and learning into one fully integrated feedback loop.
  2. Structured unsupervised learning based on defined outcomes.
  3. Improved algorithm to accommodate and resolve ambiguity.
  4. Advanced statistics to better evaluate performance and automate learning.
  5. Enhanced reporting features to support decentralized reporting from a denormalized reporting structure that can be imported into a client’s environment.
  6. Support concierge services for bots on different technology platforms (ex: Microsoft LUISIBM Watson, etc.). 
  7. Advanced multi-lingual support to accommodate different levels of language support
  8. Additions to the Skills Library (more delivered HCM & Campus skills), including COVID-19 skills for both HR and Campus.
  9. Add support for new Oracle ODA 20.x features.

Product Update Notes

The focus for this release was the automation of how Ida is rated, reported on, and improved via machine learning. With one click by a subject matter expert, an entire train of events are initiated to measure accuracy, add to NLP training (when necessary), test for regression against over 250,000 data points, and track time to resolution in the production environment. What would take a team of 6 people 5 days to accomplish is now boiled down to 5 hours a week for 2 people

Adding multiple new data points for monitoring also provides unprecedented insight into daily performance of Ida. By comparison, typical human performance of the same things that Ida handles is only monitored with roughly 5% of the data points, and at much lower levels of accuracy.

As always, we constantly make advances with utterance matchingThis is job #1 in our world. If you can’t match an utterance to the correct question/answer then it won’t matter how elegant the bot flow is. So, we added more layers to the NLP engine and also implemented sophisticated ways of reanalyzing data from the NLP engine to improve the probability of success. This demonstrably improved the matching capability in real-world environments.

As mentioned in previous product updates. You can’t focus too much on the training, testing, and measuring of digital assistant performance. Your “downloadable worker” needs to be treated like a human worker in many respects. Only instead of bi-annual performance reviews, you need to be constantly evaluating performance every day, and providing weekly statistics to your organization on its growth and maturationIda does this out of the box now, to make the daily review a point and click exercise. 

One thing that is becoming apparent to many forward-thinking organizations is that a “concierge bot” isn’t a nice to have, it’s a necessity.  Given the proliferation of bots in every organization, your workforce or campus users need one place to ask a question. You can’t expect them to figure out which bot to talk to. Because of that, and the technical challenges of having different bots on different technology platforms, Ida now has the capability of being technology-agnostic when it comes to being a concierge. Ida doesn’t just speak over 100 human languages; Ida can also speak to multiple bot platforms too. Ex: Microsoft LUISIBM Watson, etc. 

Finally, as always, we added more skills to the library of Ida. Ida can now perform literally hundreds of things out of the box, and has the capability to be quickly configured to add hundreds more. At IntraSee, we used Ida to add multiple skills (for HR and Campus) to help with the COVID-19 situation in the past two months, and we can implement them in just 1-2 weeks. 

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