PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: IntraSee & Oracle Digital Assistant Next-Gen Updates

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At IntraSee we are super excited to announce that version DA-19.2.1 is currently being rolled out to all our customers. Also, many thanks to Oracle for all their support and collaboration as we utilize their excellent Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) technology via our Hybrid-Cloud compatibleGDPR compliant, and world leading meta-data driven middleware solution. 

Our goal of automating every aspect of ODA design, build, test, and deployment wouldn’t be possible without having such an awesome partner to work with. So, with that said, here are the highlights for IntraSee DA-19.2.1:

  1. Microsoft Teams channel support for ODA (with full single sign-on).
  2. Complete GDPR compliance (not even email addresses are stored).
  3. Fully automated utterance supervised training.
  4. Fully automated utterance testing (with full explanations on any mismatches).
  5. Additional administrator dashboard ad-hoc reporting and analytics to improve oversight and reporting of chatbot usage. 
  6. Additional configurable semantic analysis when matching questions to answers.
  7. General improvements to the configurable Vocabulary Engine.
  8. Additions to the Skills Library (more delivered HCM & Campus skills).
  9. Extension to FAQ+ Wizard to include transactional and reporting intents, as well as data elements from over 10 SaaS systems and 2 on-premise systems (PeopleSoft & OBIEE).
  10. Embeddable complex web forms inside a conversation (useful for things like address change, or advanced MSS transactions of optional input fields).

Product Update Notes

Many of the product changes we focused on in this release were centered around making the overall chatbot solution simple to maintain by business analysts. Our key philosophy is that AI is massively complex and therefore requires a middleware layer to simplify it, such that functional experts can easily maintain and add to its skills. Therefore, if we focus on the middleware, our customers can focus on the business use-cases without having to create hundreds of thousands of lines of code, or having to become AI experts.

Additional automation and configuration were the keys to achieving these goals, plus improvements to the semantic analysis capabilities of the Vocabulary Engine. Our aim was to add even more means for a business user to train and direct the Digital Assistant, to ensure super-accurate matching of questions to answers – as well as adding to the scalability of the intent matching capabilities. Such that we are confident we can scale up to, and beyond, thousands of questions and still maintain accuracy of matching. 

The main UI additions for this release were to add the option of embedding complex web forms (with lots of business logic) into the middle of a conversation. Plus adding support for Microsoft Teams as a channel, with all-important single sign-on included. The following screenshot shows a conversation in MS Teams with Charlie the ODA chatbot, speaking both Spanish and English. Out of the box ODA will speak over 100 languages, so this is a terrific and simple way of enabling multi-lingual self-service for your organization. 

Sample conversation in Microsoft Teams using Oracle Digital Assistant

MS Teams Chatbot

Figure 1: Charlie the Chatbot in MS Teams speaking Spanish and English

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