PRODUCT ANNOUNCMENT: Three Major Advances in Conversational AI

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We remember being on site at the Apple campus the day the iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs in 2007. It was a seminal moment in history that we’ll never forget. But it wasn’t just the product that impressed us, it was the way Steve described it. With his usual penchant for talking in threes, he articulated three things that people needed, and teased that he was actually announcing three products. But the real genius was that it wasn’t really three products, it was one product that combined three features that he knew people would always want bundled together.  A phone, a music player, an internet device.

Fast forward to 2020, we feel the same way about AI, and have worked tirelessly to accomplish something very similar but in a completely new field. A field we believe will have far more impact on humanity than even the iPhone did. So, paraphrasing Steve Jobs iconic moment, we are announcing three things available now, which we think will redefine how people interact with Enterprise systems forever more. 

In 2019, we introduced a revolutionary Enterprise Digital Assistant, it changed the entire way employees, managers, students and advisors can interact with their Enterprise systems. Well, today we’re introducing three revolutionary products of this class. The first one is a fully automated and configurable AI wizard that both creates, trains and tests hundreds of skills in a matter of minutes. The second is an AI robotic tool that automates complex tasks across multiple systems. And the third is an AI event management system that automates notification and completion of key events in your organization.

So, three things: an automated AI wizard tool; a revolutionary robotic process automator; and a breakthrough event management tool. An AI wizard, an AI process automator, and an AI event manager. An AI wizard, an AI process automator … are you getting it? These are not three separate products, this is one product, and we are calling it the IntraSee Digital Assistant. Today, IntraSee has reinvented the Digital Assistant, and here it is.

Cogs loading skills into a brain
Figure 1: Visual representation of a Digital Assistant that understands your Enterprise systems on day one.

So, what does this practically mean? It means that version DA-20.1.1 (currently in beta, and debuting January 2020), now provides the full spectrum of Enterprise skills that are required to fully automate how anyone in your organization can interact with the myriad of confusing applications that make up your Enterprise. All running on Oracle Cloud infrastructure, using Oracle AI technology, Hybrid Cloud compatible, and GDPR compliant

And, commencing January 2020, this now includes three core features in one Digital Assistant:

1.  A fully automated and configurable AI wizard that both creates, trains and tests hundreds of skills in a matter of minutes.

The creation of artificial intelligence (AI) is complicated, and even in the hands of experts cannot be built reliably by hand. Even worse, the more AI is built by hand, the more unstable it becomes. This is the core of the AI scalability issue. 

Having an AI tool that can do 10 things really well, but completely falls apart when asked to do 100 things really well, is not a tenable solution, or one you should invest in. 

This is why we created an AI wizard that any business user can use that automatically creates an efficient AI model that can scale into the thousands. Furthermore, it is self-training, and self-testing. With simple configuration “dials” that allow all scenarios to be tested and validated. Both in the past, and also looking into the future. 

2.  An AI robotic tool that automates complex tasks across multiple systems.

Providing web links for “answers” isn’t AI, it’s just another type of search engine. 

What separates a true Digital Assistant from a simple chatbot is the ability to automate complex conversations that complete tasks across multiple systems, on-premise or Cloud-based. 

And to do so in a way that it is simple and easy for the human it engages with, such that tasks that were once the confine of people like HR Generalists, are now easily completed by anyone in your organization, and in their language of choice.

3.  An AI event management system that automates notification of key events in your organization.

Organizational confusion over “what to do next” is rife across all industries. Multiple systems are generating their own workflow, and unique events such as onboarding, performance cycles, and enrollments are occurring throughout the year. 

Just knowing who should be doing what, and making sure it gets done, is a massive time-sucking task for all organizations. 

This is why we auto-create a Digital Assistant that understands all these things, and manages interaction with the people in your organization to ensure things are completed when they need to be completed. All via automated robotic interaction, and in a way that gently nudges your people in the right direction without being overly intrusive. 

Combining these three things into one Digital Assistant is truly ground-breaking. And if you’ve tried to build one yourself, then you’ll already know that. 

If you’d like to see what the future looks like, and would like an affordable and easy shortcut, then please contact us for a live demo. 

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