The Next Wave of UX is AI: available July 2017!

Artificial Intelligence

Why does all the cool stuff happen with consumer technology? It’s a question, or complaint, that is familiar to many people living in the ERP world. Everyone remembers when the iPhone first came out, but nobody can remember the day any ERP application was first announced. Today we live in a world where we can talk to devices in our home (even an oven!), and they do what we want them to do. Then we go to work and struggle daily with ERP systems that seem designed to never understand what we want to do. It’s frustrating, it’s time-wasting, and it costs organizations billions of dollars each year in lost productivity, bad data entry, and too many calls to the Help Desk (which we wrote about in our blog, “There’s gold in them thar hills“).

Today, IntraSee is announcing that the cool stuff is finally happening in your world. Better still, it’s available July 2017. After many years of development, we are now providing Chatbot capability with your entire ERP system. Cloud, on-premise, or both.

So, imagine this world (where a manager wants to initiate an employee transfer):

Manager: “I’d like to transfer Jane to a different department”

Chatbot: “Which Jane would that be, Jane Rogers or Jane Smith?”

Manager: “Rogers”

Chatbot: “Which department would you like to transfer Jane Rogers to?”

Manager: “I don’t know the name, but I believe David Chen works in it.”

Chatbot: “That would be the Finance department in New York, I would be happy to transfer Jane there. Will Jane still report to you?”

Manager: “Yes, she will”.

Chatbot: “Is there a salary change or promotion involved?”

Manager: “No, but I would like to add a performance note to say that I think she’ll do a terrific job”.

Chatbot: “Yes, I will add that to the Oracle Talent Management system for you. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Manager: “No thanks, that was so easy!”

Chatbot: “It was my pleasure”.

So, let’s explain what just happened. The manager initiated a PeopleSoft HCM transaction to add a new JOB row that now puts one of her direct reports into a new department in New York. The manager also created a new performance note in the Oracle Talent Management Cloud system. All of this was done via a phone, and the manager either typed in the conversation on her phone, or she spoke into the phone. Can you imagine how complex and time consuming it would have been if the manager had to login to multiple systems, navigate to the correct place, and fill in complex forms? Or imagine if the manager didn’t want to have her time wasted and instead called up the Help Desk and asked them to make the changes for her?

There’s a reason chatbots are so popular. People value their time, and people want things to be easy. In the ERP world people are surrounded by complexity, and things are rarely easy. This is your opportunity to improve the experience and productivity of every person in your organization.

At IntraSee, we have focused all our efforts on improving the UX of ERP systems. Whether they are on-premise or in the Cloud. We are also helping our clients slowly transition from a PeopleSoft on-premise solution to an Oracle Cloud solution. Plus, helping them with the UX integration of all the other Cloud and on-premise applications they have.

The world of ERP is not simple, so we have taken it upon ourselves to make it simple for you. Chatbot integration with your ERP system is, without doubt, a means to that end.

If you are interested in finding out more, visit our AI page or contact us below.

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