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Grand Bazaar

As we have discussed on many of our earlier blogs, the key component of a successful user experience is to provide a one-stop shop so that your users are not in “hunt and peck” mode trying to find what they need. But this shouldn’t be news to anyone. Back in ancient times the Greeks created central marketplaces called agora’s, while in Rome they used the term forum. In other parts of the world it would be referred to as a souk (Arabic), bazaar (Persian), mercado (Spain), etc. One of the oldest covered markets in the world, that is still operational, is the Grand Bazaar in the great city of Istanbul (constructed in 1455/56).

The concept was simple. Don’t make the buyers (or the user as we say today) traipse all around the city/country when they needed to buy goods. Instead, have all the sellers come to one place to make life simple and quick for the buyers. This was the very origin of the concept of providing a great user experience. Who doesn’t love a good market!

Today, especially with the advent of the cloud, it may appear that the software industry has forgotten centuries old lessons. Data, content, and applications are scattered across the cloud-based stratosphere, and consumers are confused and frustrated that things are not where they belong and easily accessible.

Well, today we see a move in the right direction, and IntraSee is proud to be a part of that.  Oracle will be announcing at OpenWorld this month that they will be combining four of their excellent cloud solutions into one fully integrated solution – the Content and Experience Cloud. Plus, they will also be enabling a vendor marketplace as part of that solution whereby other company offerings (and we will be one of them) will also be fully integrated. The ultimate one-stop shop/market place.

Please see the following video for more details, and also stop by and see us at OpenWorld this year.

We will be co-presenting with Oracle and providing more information on this collaboration during the following session:

Empower Your Employees and Drive Productivity with a Modern Intranet Experience [CON7261]

Wednesday, Sep 21, 12:15 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. @ Moscone West – 2014

If you can’t attend OpenWorld or have any questions, please contact us below and we will be in touch.

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