Your Users Expect More

The modern user

Gone are the days of purchasing software by a matrix of features. Today’s enterprise users expect more from their applications. They expect them to be easy to use, mobile, and integrated. Successful enterprise IT projects are now measured by user satisfaction, adoption rates, and reduced helpdesk calls. Your users expect more and now is the time for a new approach.

A link farm won’t solve your problems

Time and again, our user studies turn up one fact: people want one place to go for everything. One list of to dos, one search, and one look and feel. Link farms just won’t get the job done. They expect to see data and applications from PeopleSoft intermixed cohesively with Cloud applications. They expect easy navigation, step-by-step guides, logical organization and a powerful search.

Today’s IT environment is as complex as it has ever been and PeopleSoft usually sits in the middle. The confusion caused be this is overwhelming users and their frustration threatens an organization’s efficiency and its investments in various ERP solutions.

Our mission

IntraSee is focused on solving these problems with our blend of cutting-edge solutions and high-touch consulting services. We do it by always looking through the user’s eyes and challenging conventional thinking.

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