PeopleTools 8.55 Navigation and Enterprise Menu Changes

A couple of important default settings have changed in PeopleTools 8.55. The first is that all users now will land on a Fluid Tiles homepage after signing on. If you are using Interaction Hub homepages, you will need to revert this behavior via PeopleTools Personalization.

Tile Homepage

Enterprise Menu Retired

The second big change is the Enterprise Menu is now gone in 8.55. Well, maybe not entirely gone, but hidden by way of code. As a side effect, the breadcrumbs in the menu bar are also now gone. This change has caused quite a bit of questions to come our way. The problem is quite simple. The enterprise menu was complicated and not well-suited for self-service users, however, power users relied heavily on that power and the ability to jump sideways in a navigational scheme.

New menu even on classic homepages

New menu on classic homepage

Unified Navigation Now a Requirement for Power Users

Many PeopleSoft shops used a popular navigation method for their power users called “The Single Link”. This is where the Interaction Hub would have a single link to HCM/Finance/Campus/Etc. Clicking the link would launch the HCM homepage, for example, and allow users to navigate HCM-only pages which was very handy for power users. PeopleSoft even delivered Single Link cRefs in the Interaction Hub.

Now with 8.55, the single link method is no longer operational. Oracle requires customers to enable and use Unified Navigation. Of course this not only means changing your navigational scheme, but it also means there is no way to navigate solely within HCM now. Once you deploy Unified Nav, your navigation includes all PeopleSoft apps in the cluster. For some users this is a good thing, but for others it is coming as a hard change.

Our Thoughts

At IntraSee, we always look through the user’s eyes. In this case, there are different user segments with differing needs. We would never simply recommend going one direction at the cost of the other audience. Power users are fundamentally different to self-service users. So what is the solution?

The same solution isn’t necessarily right for every customer. Differing industries and differing countries all come into play. What is certain, is that we have to do an effective job of blending Classic and Fluid in this post-8.54 world and navigation is a big topic that goes with that theme. We need to ensure the landing page is representative of the one-stop shop users need and includes navigation for these different segments of the population.

The good news is that using the power of PeopleSoft, navigation is entirely controllable. We know who every user is and we can create tailored navigation for each segment. If we add in concepts such as frequency, trending and personalization to a site’s navigation, we can achieve a truly powerful solution. Reach out to us and we would be happy to talk more about the possibilities.

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You’ve decided that you want to improve the Usability of your ERP system, but you don’t want the responsibility for maintaining that in-house. That’s a smart choice, and something that many organizations are looking to do. Why focus on building an IT infrastructure when you can instead focus on building your business? The solution is IntraSee’s Usability Cloud.

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So what is the IntraSee Usability Cloud?

PeopleSoft Interaction Hub + IntraSee Usability Solutions + Amazon Cloud (AWS)

Our Cloud consists of three key elements:

1. PeopleSoft Interaction Hub

The Interaction Hub is a mature and sophisticated portal that is the engine used for creating a one-stop usability shop. It is used by thousands of organizations throughout the world and has a proven record of scalability and reliability.

2. IntraSee Usability Solutions

For over a decade we at IntraSee have developed usability solutions that are best in class, cover the entire needs of even the most complex (often global) organizations, and are pluggable into other Cloud applications.

Our solutions are also highly configurable and beautiful by design. Selecting from an a la carte menu of options, you simply check the options you want your users to see. It’s that simple. Even selecting integration with other major Cloud applications is as simple as checking a box. Our solutions and methodology handle the rest. No headaches, no difficult decisions. We’ve spent years figuring out all the complex stuff, and have packaged it into solutions that fit neatly into a one-stop shop that can sit in the cloud.

If you’d like to see what this looks like, just ask us for a demo. We’ll be proud to show you how easily you can solve all your ERP usability problems.

3. Amazon Cloud

They say you’re only as strong as your weakest point of failure. That’s why we chose the most advanced, reliable, and fastest cloud in the world. Amazon AWS. Amazon offers a true cloud environment that is unmatched. IntraSee usability with the Amazon cloud – the best of all worlds.

A True Cloud Solution

  • Regular, automatic upgrades
  • Reliable and fast access to your system anytime & anywhere
  • Full integration with other cloud or on-premise solutions
  • Ability to turn on functionality & configure existing functionality
  • Built-in PeopleSoft user provisioning
  • Dynamic performance scaling for those seasonal spikes
  • Value for money
  • Military level security
  • Fast start up
IntraSee Usability Cloud

The IntraSee Usability Cloud

Option to Bring Your Own license (BYOL)

If you already own the Interaction Hub, or any IntraSee products, we can offer you great cost savings on your monthly service fee for running in our cloud. This makes a very affordable solution even more affordable. You’ve already paid for it once, why pay for it twice?

If you don’t own the full license to the Interaction Hub, don’t worry! You can start off with the included RUL license and expand into the full license when needed.

Running in the Amazon Cloud (AWS)

Amazon Cloud (AWS) is the market leader in cloud computing and is at the forefront in terms of innovation, functionality, agility, and responsiveness. Not to mention AWS has a proven track record after years of success. IntraSee carefully analyzed each of the major cloud service providers before selecting Amazon Web Services as their provider for the IntraSee Usability Cloud based on a multitude of different factors.

The following are just some of the advantages which the Amazon Cloud offers our clients:

Elasticity and scalability

  • Your application can automatically scale itself up and down depending on your needs.
  • Eliminate guessing on your infrastructure capacity.
  • By using Amazon EC2 we can commission one, hundreds or even thousands of server instances simultaneously. Of course, because this is controlled with web service APIs, it can automatically scale itself up and down depending on its needs.
  • Rapid build of new environments.

Low Cost

  • Amazon AWS’s Elastic scaling across your IntraSee Usability Cloud environment helps to keep costs low by only paying for the services you need, when you need it and by passing on to you the financial benefits of Amazon’s scale.

Global Accessibility

  • Take your environment global in minutes.
  • The AWS Cloud infrastructure is built around Regions and Availability Zones (“AZs”). A Region is a physical location in the world where there are multiple Availability Zones. Availability Zones consist of one or more discrete data centers, each with redundant power, networking and connectivity, housed in separate facilities. These Availability Zones create the ability to operate production applications and databases which are more highly available, fault tolerant and scalable than would be possible from a single data center. The AWS Cloud operates 33 Availability Zones within 12 geographic Regions around the world.


  • Amazon AWS is engineered for the most demanding requirements.
  • Amazon’s experience and SLAs provide our clients the trust and confidence they need to ensure their environment will be available when needed, no matter what time of the day.
  • Amazon EC2 offers a highly reliable environment where replacement instances can be rapidly and predictably commissioned. The service runs within Amazon’s proven network infrastructure and data centers. The Amazon EC2 Service Level Agreement commitment is 99.95% availability for each Amazon EC2 Region.

Extensive Security Capabilities

  • Amazon provides numerous mechanisms to increase privacy and control network access.
  • There are a multitude of secure connectivity options to seamlessly connect to your network.
  • AWS environments are continuously audited to ensure compliance with a wide variety of regulations, standards, best-practices and certifications.
  • Your compute instances are located in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) within an IP range that you specify. You decide which instances are exposed to the Internet and which remain private.
  • Security Groups and networks ACLs allow you to control inbound and outbound network access to and from your instances.
  • You can connect your existing IT infrastructure to resources in your VPC using industry-standard encrypted IPsec VPN connections.
  • For additional isolation, you can provision your EC2 resources on Dedicated Hosts or as Dedicated Instances. Both allow you to use EC2 instances in a VPC on hardware dedicated to a single customer.

AWS Compliance

The AWS cloud infrastructure has been designed and managed in alignment with regulations, standards, and best-practices including HIPAA, FERPA, FIPS, CJIS, DIACAP, DoD, FDA, FedRAMP, Glacier for SEC Rule 17a-4(f), GxP, ITAR, NIST, CSA, Data Privacy, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, MPAA, PCI, SOC, EU Data Protection, IT-Grundschutz, G-Cloud, Europe Cloud Compliance, Malaysian Privacy Considerations, MLPS, MTCS, Singapore Privacy Considerations, IRAP and New Zealand Privacy Considerations.

And the best part…

While Amazon is sophisticated and mature, rest assured you will never have to deal directly with any of their technology stack. That is where IntraSee comes in. The entire infrastructure is maintained on your behalf. Also, our vast implementation experience tells us that to deliver best-in-class usability, you need a best-in-class infrastructure. With the IntraSee Usability Cloud, we are uniquely positioned to offer the high-quality service in the Cloud that we are known for from our “in-house” implementations. Gone are the days of needing to explain to your hosting provider how PeopleSoft works.

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At IntraSee, our approach to PeopleSoft and usability stands out for many reasons, but one often flies under the radar. We are big believers in the PeopleTools technology stack, and all of our products are built on PeopleTools combined with web technologies that fit inside that stack. But you would never know that by looking at our solutions. What you see is best in class usability. And what you get is reliability, scalability, and ease of maintenance.

In the early days, we considered the obvious question: why use a new technology when you have one your clients already know? Think about all the features you are already comfortable with that have been tried and tested over multiple decades:

  • Authentication/Authorization
  • Performance and redundancy
  • Caching mechanisms
  • Backups, clones and restores
  • Patching and migrations
  • Workflow
  • Search
  • And more!

Why would you build these things from scratch? More importantly, why would you risk redundant code by running two technologies that do the same thing? Even the simple stuff like user ID provisioning can become a problem. When you have two technology stacks trying to stay in sync and provision/de-provision accounts, messy stuff just happens!


Maybe most importantly, when you introduce new technology stacks such as Microsoft .Net, PHP, and Java, you are increasing the moles in a game of security whack-a-mole.

Security Whack-a-Mole

It is one more system that could have a security vulnerability. One more place for a performance bottleneck. One more way for things to go wrong and they always find a way of blowing up on you. The more moving pieces you have in your architecture, the harder it is to keep up. We are only human, after all.

At IntraSee, we believe you should spend your time and energy on delighting your users. Don’t get bogged down in security patches, synchronizations and the maintenance of multiple technology stacks.  Contact us and learn more about our approach.

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When asked to develop something for people’s visual impairments, the first question that often comes up is: how will this work in a screen reader? Yes, while a complete visual deficiency tends to be the place where the most focus takes place, it does not always address the most common of the visual impairments; individuals with Color Vision Deficiency (CVD).

Braille Tablet

Figure 1: University of Michigan recently announced a braille tablet.

So, how prevalent is CVD? According to some estimates, it as high as 1 in every 12 men / 1 in every 200 women in the world, and in most cases inherited genetically. That’s an incredibly high number and it’s something that great design needs to account for. Let’s look at a recent case that highlights the effects of CVD on design.

During this year’s National Football League season, a major manufacturer of equipment for the NFL decided to go outside of the box and create super bright, monochromatic uniforms for the teams. As far as a marketing strategy went, this made complete sense – vivid colors make things pop! The players would appear to move more quickly; the game would be that much more exciting!

Green Jets vs. Red Bills

Figure 2: NFL Color Rush – Bills vs Jets 2015

The problem was, the uniforms were not designed to take CVD into consideration, as the NFL later admitted. When the game was ultimately played, there were thousands of people flooding the social networks up in arms that the game was impossible to watch.

Bills vs. Jets in Red/Green

Figure 3: What the Color Rush experiment looked like to a person with CVD.

IntraSee Believes Accessibility is Important!

The NFL is one of the biggest stages in the United States, and even they missed out on something that affects approximately 8% of men in the world. This could have been easily remedied if accessibility guidelines were taken into consideration from the beginning.

At IntraSee our design begins with accessibility in mind, and our development follows through with it.

Take for instance the IntraSee Academic Planner. It is designed to display each course in a student’s plan as a different colored element in a grid. This is incredibly useful to quickly group courses together and spatially determine if the schedule makes sense.

Academic Planner Contrast

Figure 4: IntraSee’s Academic Planner Auto Contrast Feature

Those colors, in the grid, are a configuration setting during implementation. Any color combination can be implemented to both match your organization’s brand and maintain the proper color contrast ratios. The Academic Planner even provides personalization options allowing the student to pick their own colors! Our technology will automatically adjust font colors for optimal contrast. Those are the details that make for great design for the entire population.

Our development methodology always includes rigorous accessibility reviews and our products are developed in a way that allows for configuration including the ability to incorporate advanced accessibility features such as ARIA.

At IntraSee, we have always said user experience is not a pretty picture. It is a mindset, and it considers angles that are often missed. We understand how important it is for your employees and students to be able to use the system you provide without any limitations. Contact us to learn more.

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