Recognized for outstanding innovation in the AI/ML Business category, Seneca Polytechnic’s achievement was highlighted as a Excellence Awards Finalist at CloudWorld 2023 in Las Vegas.

Guided by Cristian Durca and his forward-thinking team, Seneca collaborated with IntraSee’s Gideon Taylor division to create ‘Sam’—a top-tier enterprise chatbot. The results? Transformative benefits for the campus community.

  • 259,000+ questions answered during last 12 months
  • 93.99% ACCURACY. Average confidence the AI has the right answer for the user’s question
  • Almost 50% of questions answered outside of business hours

Seneca’s Chatbot Transformation: The Power of ‘Sam’

  • Ubiquitous Assistance: Whether it’s students, prospects, parents, or staff, Sam is omnipresent, addressing a vast array of queries round-the-clock.
  • Operational Efficiency: Not only does Sam serve questions outside standard business hours, but it also communicates in multiple languages and provides instant access to enterprise policies and data, eliminating lag-time data synchronization between systems.
  • Centralized Knowledge: With Sam, the need for multiple bots is a thing of the past. All information flows from a unified Salesforce system, ensuring up-to-date content, reduced redundancy, and simpler maintenance.

“The collaboration with IntraSee proved indispensable for the project’s success. We take great pride in our current achievements and eagerly await what the future holds. Stay tuned for more exciting developments! Thank you IntraSee for your guidance and support.”

Cristian, Director of Information Solutions at Seneca

Watch and learn more about this project and how it is impacting the entire Seneca community. Congratulations Seneca!

IntraSee has guided us through extremely short and intense design, build, and test phases of the project. If you are looking for a company that brings both significant technical chops, user-focused solutions, and in-depth knowledge of Oracle products, I encourage you to strongly consider IntraSee.

William Dana, Project Director, University of Minnesota

IntraSee came highly recommended to us and we agree their reputation is well-deserved. We presented them with an extraordinary amount of complex work with a very compressed time frame and they dug right in, driving the process forward each step of the way. The partnership was seamless; our IntraSee team worked as hard as our own employees, rolled with changes in scope and schedule, and exceeded our expectations. Their expertise, commitment and skill made a tremendous difference for us.

Daniel Miller VP, HR Systems and Technology, Dow Jones & Co.

IntraSee’s approach helped us merge a wide array of HR services into one cohesive portal experience for our employees. They stayed with us throughout the project and ensured that we took full advantage of our investment adding features and functions we previously had not envisioned. They were an important and critical factor in our success.

Tom Ronnenburg, Manager HRIS and Corporate Systems, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

IntraSee not only built us a world class Web 2.0 portal, but their vision, expertise, and solutions allowed us to globally deploy over 200 business processes online in less than four months.

William A. Hayfer, Vice President-Enterprise Solutions Architecture, Kendle International