Chapter 1: “Everyone is Doing it” and Other Bad Reasons for Cloud Moves

When starting a digital transformation, it is best to know why you’re doing it. Is moving to the Cloud a means to an end, or an end in itself? Are you trying to impact the bottom line, improve the user experience, or both? As the industry learns real-world lessons about re-platforming in the Cloud era, you’d better have your priorities straight.

Join us for this insight-packed webinar with Gideon Taylor CEO Paul Taylor. Thursday, September 14th @ 12PM CDT.

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This session will take a hopefully sober, and likely sobering look at how a SaaS project affects users and finances. Moving to the cloud will definitely change user experience and functionality – probably in both positive and negative ways. Cloud moves always change cost structures – but don’t automatically reduce cost.

Your priorities should dictate the timing of your Cloud move, and well-informed decisions may contradict herd mentality. You may find it worthwhile to invest in dramatically improving your PeopleSoft user experience today while you are preparing for your Cloud move. Sorry if we’re the first to tell you this, but SaaS won’t magically make everything better.

Warning: Sacred cows (and conventional wisdom) are not safe in this session! We will question the consensus meaning of “digital transformation” and propose a more challenging definition; we’ll take a clear-eyed look at the negative impacts you can expect from a SaaS move, and steps you can take to mitigate them. You might end up wanting to rethink your whole enterprise project calendar. What, did you think this was going to be easy?

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Cloud, SaaS, PeopleSoft, and You: Preparing for What’s Next (Reconnect 2022)

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In today’s market, organizations have options on whether/how/when to move to the Cloud. Some are reimplementing to new SaaS solutions; others are optimizing PeopleSoft and lifting their existing ERP/HCM to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; and others are choosing to integrate Cloud-based solutions with their on-premise PeopleSoft applications. Join us for a panel discussion on factors to consider in evaluating your options and how to get the most value from the direction you choose. We’ll share insights to help you navigate the options and the marketplace. How do you engage Oracle? How do you evaluate providers for Cloud services and/or Cloud infrastructure? What are the benefits you should expect? What will your team be responsible for AFTER the migration? We’ll also share best practice on some of the smart things your organization can be doing TODAY so that you’re ready for TOMORROW: Designing Cloud-proofed business processes that can easily move PeopleSoft down either cloud path; Automating manual tasks to help your staff redefine the nature of “work”; Identifying opportunities to reduce and retire third-party systems. Bring your questions and join us for successful strategies that will help you ensure a smooth landing if and when your cloud migration comes, and allow you to keep innovating in the meantime.

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How Student-Focused Design Transformed Princeton’s PeopleSoft Financials & Procurement Experiences (Reconnect 2022)

Princeton’s has embarked on improving the user experience in PeopleSoft’s Student Financials and Procurement modules over the last 2 years. This session will cover Princeton’s journey and demo the end results that are driving user productivity and experience in their existing PeopleSoft. You will see a design approach rarely seen with PeopleSoft projects and one that puts the user first.

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How to Avoid a Failed Chatbot (Reconnect 2022)

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In a July 2022 press release, Gartner predicted that chatbots will become the primary customer service channel for a quarter of organizations within the next five years. Uma Challa, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner added a critical caveat to this prediction. “When designed correctly, chatbots can improve customer experience and drive positive customer emotion at a lower cost than live interactions.” Chatbots. Digital assistants. Alexa. Siri. Hey Google. No matter what you call them, the “why” behind a chatbot’s project makes all the difference between a painful failure and a transformational tool. Users don’t want a toy, they want their questions answered quickly, their lives made easier, and their time spent wisely. Your goal should be to automate painful processes for your users. Join Andrew Bediz, IntraSee co-founder and Managing Director, and Paul Taylor, CEO of Gideon Taylor on Wednesday, October 12th at 2:45 EDT as they share how to look at a digital assistant project as an automation and service endeavor instead of making a cool chatbot. Learn how IntraSee and Gideon Taylor are automating from A to Z, from user support to business processes outcomes with Ida and eForms. We look forward to answering your most pressing questions.

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Are you a leader or administrator currently working in higher education? Have you been following the rapid growth of digital assistants (i.e. #chatbots) in university settings and have questions about whether now is the right time to incorporate chatbots in your system?

Then this new webinar is especially for you!

Please plan to join us on Wednesday, October 19th, at 1PM EDT as we share how Seneca College in Toronto has partnered with Oracle and IntraSee in developing Sam, their powerful new digital assistant, which in just the past 12 months has quickly and accurately handled more than 100,000 user-support needs. Reserve your spot below.

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