UMRUG 2017: Chatbots, User Experience and PeopleSoft

Many of you have upgraded to PeopleSoft’s 9.2, their last major release. While you strategize about your next big step in HR and Student systems you may be asking: what improvements can be done today to your PeopleSoft implementation? Maybe more importantly, how can you improve your user’s experiences and not lose that investment when you begin to implement cloud applications? The hottest area right now is Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots and you can deploy them today with your existing PeopleSoft! This session will explain this exciting new technology and how it can improve your user experience complete with a live demo. We will conclude the session with a quick look at the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud which is the next step for PeopleSoft Interaction Hub customers.


Alliance 2017: Take Your First Step into the Oracle Cloud with Usability First

PeopleSoft clients know that the cloud is one of the biggest trends in our industry, but they are unsure how to adopt it without disrupting their users in the process. Many organizations aren’t even aware of all their cloud options including Oracle PaaS. In this session we will review how you can deliver on a cohesive user experience including cloud applications and the Oracle Cloud at your pace.
NOTE: this presentation contained live demos. Please contact us to arrange a demo if you missed our presentation.

EMEA HEUG 2016: Eradicating Student/Employee Self-Service Frustration

We hope we saw you this year in Glasgow, Scotland for EMEA HEUG 2016! If you missed our session, you can view it here. Just contact us to setup a web conference and we will also take you through the very same demos given live at the conference.

Case Studies: Eradicating Student/Employee Self-Service Frustration

This session will contain primarily live demonstrations of how PeopleSoft clients have solved their user’s frustrations with Self Service. Each case study is using native PeopleTools technology, but producing an experience you would expect from a consumer web site. Topics include mobile, content, self-service, advising, search, academic planning, manager self-service and more. Come check out a user experience your users will love!

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Alliance 2016: Delivering a First-Class PeopleSoft User Experience for My.Harvard

In August 2015, Harvard went live with my.harvard, an expansive self-service portal for students, faculty, advisors, and the general public. The system takes advantage of the core functionality of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, but leverages the power of integrated search and modern web styling to create a first-class user experience. Attend this session to learn how Harvard partnered with IntraSee and leveraged PeopleSoft Interaction Hub and Secure Enterprise Search to create a superior user experience that is distinctly branded for Harvard and yet 100% PeopleSoft! In the first half of the session, we will demonstrate the intuitive user experience and how we have combined search, delivered self-service, and new features together to make life easier for students and faculty. In the second half of the session, we will prove an overview of how we utilize Agile software development practices to integrate user feedback and deliver ongoing iterations of the service.


Alliance 2016: Interaction Hub for the Masses

Since the spring of 2015, the University of Minnesota has had their PeopleSoft upgrade and new Interaction Hub (“MyU”) live. This session focuses on what we learned, assumptions that proved incorrect, things that surprised us, and how we are moving forward into the future. Portal technology is a small but critical piece of UMN’s ERP strategy and through the upgrade of all CS, FIN, and HRMS system, we’ve learned how Interaction Hub is effective is building an end-user focus for the Enterprise. We hope that attending this session can provide you insight into your iHub project and leave you with energizing ideas for your next project.

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