Learn how Dell improved their user experience with the Interaction Hub

Learn how Dell and IntraSee worked together to implement a beautiful HR Gateway leveraging the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub (formerly known as PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal).

With IntraSee’s help, Dell was able to provide their employees a simple, intuitive, and friendly Web 2.0 experience in front of their PeopleSoft HR, PeopleSoft CRM, and OBIEE Data Warehouse environments.

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Breaking the Box: Bellevue University Rounds Out the Self Service User Experience

Bellevue University needed a self service portal on par with its award-winning education programs. Using the PeopleSoft Application Portal 9.1 on PeopleTools 8.52, the project team built a modern, Web 2.0 user experience. Faculty and students have one site aggregating real-time alerts and info from Blackboard, Campus Solutions, and Facebook. Integrated searches, analytics, and supplemental content managed by business owners rather than IT support self-service interactions. Mobile – through the same portal instead of an app – gives anytime/anywhere/any device access. This is no colored list-of-links; it is Bellevue’s responsive, scalable and configurable self service platform for today and beyond.

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One Experience: Worried About ‘The Split’?

We are all worried about the latest upgrade to Campus Solutions and the dreaded “Split”. How will disjointing the experience impact our users? Will we need two different URLs? The reality is that your user’s experience has been splitting for years now. Whether it is Cloud apps, homegrown sites, enterprise software or mobile apps, the user’s attention is being pulled in many directions. Is this really good for your users? It’s not, but have no fear. The PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, which you already own, can help create that single, cohesive user experience that your user’s yearn for. The concept exists throughout the entire student, faculty and staff lifecycle. One place to do everything!

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The power of OBIEE, the beauty of the PS Interaction Hub

Come see a demonstration of how Dell and IntraSee joined together to implement a beautiful HR Gateway (the My HR Portal ) which leverages the simplicity of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub ( formerly known as PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal ) with the power of your data warehouse. With IntraSee’s help, Dell was able to provide their employees an intuitive and friendly Web 2.0 experience which leveraged their OBIEE Data Warehouse.

  • Objective 1: Learn how to easily surface HR information from multiple applications in a single, user-friendly view for your users
  • Objective 2: Learn how to present only relevant information to a diverse global audience based on their job or location
  • Objective 3: Learn about how this model helped simplify transitions during future mergers and acquisitions

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A Peek Inside the University of Missouri’s Web 2.0 Portal

PeopleSoft’s user interface and design can be a frustrating experience for students and prospects. The University of Missouri System’s goal was to craft an intuitive, Web 2.0, interface that would attract students with online course offerings, KEEP them engaged, and guide them toward full degree programs. See a live demo of their four-campus portal.

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