IntraSee Usability Cloud

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We have spent many years optimizing all our solutions to run efficiently, and via configuration, in the Cloud.

Now we are offering this as Software as a Service (SaaS), UX as a Service (UXaaS) and AI as a Service (AIaaS) and have called it the IntraSee Usability Cloud. Today your organization can subscribe to any of our products without the overhead of an on-premise system. Also, it is fully integrated with the Oracle product family (PaaS and SaaS), as well as your current on-premise PeopleSoft and other Cloud solutions.

Usability Cloud Diagram
Usability Cloud Architecture

Thanks to our rapid implementation methodology you can completely transform your UX in as little as 12 weeks.

Whether you want to improve usability for your HR and Cloud systems, or for your Campus, we have a solution available as a subscription. We can get you to the Cloud fast and set you up for a successful cloud future with Oracle PaaS and SaaS.

What do I get?

  • ✅ Usability as a service
  • ✅ Mobile-ready
  • ✅ Subscription licensing
  • ✅ Automatic upgrades
  • ✅ Military grade secure connectivity to your internal systems
  • ✅ World-class infrastructure
  • ✅ Unmatched service and support

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