Announcing: IntraSee @ HCM World in Boston

Car Showroom

HCM World will take place April 11-13, 2017 in the beautiful city of Boston. And IntraSee will be demo’ing throughout the conference inside the HCM World Showcase, so please stop by, say hello, and get to see what your future could look like.

At IntraSee we embrace the philosophy of “seeing is believing”. How often have you been told how something “could” work? Or how it “might” look? When was the last time you bought something based on that proposition? There’s a reason why car dealerships have car showrooms. People don’t go to them to see pictures of cars, they go there to see actual cars.

So with that in mind we have built a live demo of how your actual HCM implementation might look if you were using the Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS), PeopleSoft, Oracle HCM Cloud, Taleo, etc. So pop round and get to see it in action, we’ll be happy to give you a test drive.

Also, we have a fully documented implementation methodology that takes the risk out of your project while providing early usability wins. We call it Usability First.

Alternately, if you can’t make it to HCM World, you can always contact us below and we’d be happy to set up a web conference, or come to see you in person.

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