IntraSee Academic Planner

Why is building my class schedule incredibly difficult?

IntraSee Academic Planner

What is it?

In our focus groups, students would routinely ask, “why can’t picking my classes just be as easy as my Google calendar?” IntraSee’s Academic Planner was built with that question in mind. It is as easy as the tools your students use today with powerful integration into PeopleSoft and a smart search feature your students will love. In a single page and with a couple clicks, a student can build one or more plans that submit directly into PeopleSoft’s registration module. This is entirely PeopleTools technology which requires no new integrations and introduces no new security or privacy concerns.

What do I get?

  • ✅ Integrated to PeopleSoft Campus by default
  • ✅ Multi-plans
  • ✅ Student Control
  • ✅ Private Events
  • ✅ iCal Support
  • ✅ PeopleSoft Campus EWS Support
  • ✅ Google-like Smart Search
  • ✅ Pinning
  • ✅ Color coding
  • ✅ Requirements
  • ✅ Capacity, locations, professors and more
  • ✅ Integration to bookstores, maps, evaluations and more

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