Affiliate Portal

It is a win/win: I give them access to my grades, they help with tuition!

IntraSee Affiliate Portal

What is it?

In education there is often an affiliate who needs access to a student’s data records. This could be a parent, a boss or even the military. Conditions of tuition assistance usually require it, but why is it so difficult and limited today? IntraSee’s Affiliate Portal is a whole other level of secure and usable. Students have total control of inviting and granting affiliates access to information such as grades, tuition, and even data from our Cloud Adapters such as your Learning Management System! It is a holistic solution that is completely FERPA compliant and incredibly secure.

What do I get?

  • ✅ FERPA Compliant
  • ✅ 100% Student controlled
  • ✅ Auto-provision accounts
  • ✅ Secure affiliate & parent access
  • ✅ Duplicate account detection
  • ✅ Extendable

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