UX Assembly Wizard

My subject matter experts can fully manage our HR or Student website without the need for IT assistance

What is it?

Today’s employee, manager or student web sites are littered with links and content scattered across multiple systems. With Assembly Wizard, your subject matter experts or business leads can build pages that deeply integrate content, transactions, navigation, Cloud Adapters and analytics providing a one-stop shop for all your content no matter where it exists. The Assembly Wizard is part content management system, part business process tool, and part integration vehicle. All combined to provide the superior one-stop experience your users want. And by the way, it can mobilize the entire experience too!

What do I get?

  • ✅ Wiki-like editing
  • ✅ Integration into PeopleSoft Content Management
  • ✅ No coding necessary
  • ✅ Templating
  • ✅ How Do I guides
  • ✅ Topics
  • ✅ Sophisticated menu organizer
  • ✅ API enabled (can consume and publish from/to other content systems: even in the Cloud)
  • ✅ Mobile ready

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