Auto Checklist Framework

Make any process a simple checklist

IntraSee Auto Checklist Framework

What is it?

Today’s business processes are complicated, multi-step mazes. Teams of people are often left to manage a series of to-dos, without any visibility into the progress of those involved. IntraSee’s Auto Checklist Framework takes the most complicated processes and turns them into a simple checklist any user can relate to. Checklists can streamline processes like on-boarding, benefits enrollment, performance reviews and more. These layered processes often involve both PeopleSoft and external applications and our solution can integrate these applications into one user interface. The best part is that managers, HR or other designated users have visibility into what has been completed, what is overdue and where someone has gotten stuck.

What do I get?

  • ✅ Completely configurable
  • ✅ Visibility up the chain
  • ✅ Reminders
  • ✅ Cloud Adapter ready (processes in the Cloud can appear as checklist items)
  • ✅ Role aware
  • ✅ Modular checklists
  • ✅ Auto-checkable items
  • ✅ Smart due dates
  • ✅ XML driven user interface
  • ✅ Auto-save progress
  • ✅ Mobile ready

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