ePerformance Transact

Make employee performance management an efficient process and not a chore

IntraSee ePerformance Transact

What is it?

PeopleSoft ePerformance is powerful, but comes with a degree of complexity. Navigation isn’t always intuitive and the users, especially managers, often comment about how many clicks are required. ePeformance Transact takes the PeopleSoft product and extends it with IntraSee usability to remove many of the pain points that block an efficient adoption. From simplifying the way comments can be created, to viewing multiple reviews side by side, to collecting comments from multiple documents: we have improved the usability of a key process that affects your entire workforce.

What do I get?

  • ✅ Integrated with the Interaction Hub: Manager and Employee views
  • ✅ Performance document status and progress dashboards
  • ✅ Easy access to view and edit comments
  • ✅ Side by side viewing of performance documents
  • ✅ Simple method of viewing and grouping comments
  • ✅ Simplification of the PeopleSoft application (without need for customization)

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