Faculty/Advisor Self Service

All my classes, advisees at my finger tips and on my phone

IntraSee Faculty Advisor Self Service

What is it?

Far too often faculty and advisors are spending valuable time helping their students understand how to use the SIS system. When you provide a simple, one-stop shop for these users, an incredible thing happens. Student interactions become strategic and meaningful and ultimately help students achieve their academic goals. IntraSee’s Faculty and Advisor Self-Service brings the academic tools and data needed into a one-stop shop so faculty and advisors can find what they need quickly and focus on the students and not IT.

What do I get?

  • ✅ Integrated to Campus Solutions
  • ✅ High-end branding
  • ✅ Student profiles
  • ✅ Mass emailing
  • ✅ Schedules and courses
  • ✅ Advisee search
  • ✅ Integration to bookstores, LMS and more
  • ✅ Cloud Adapter support
  • ✅ Configurable
  • ✅ Mobile ready

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