Search 2.0

Universal search across your PeopleSoft, on-premise and cloud applications

Search 2.0

What is it?

People know what data and content they are looking for, but their enterprise searches are failing them. This is usually because the search they are using is not searching across the many systems that content and data are stored. There is no universal search. With more organizations deploying cloud applications, this problem becomes more pronounced. Our user focus groups and common sense tell us that people are frustrated with their search not returning all relevant results.

For example, when an employee searches for “benefits”, they should get the page to enroll in benefits from HCM, the help desk’s knowledge base article on the benefit’s FAQ, the content on your portal regarding benefit plans, and more. If a person can navigate to a page which mentions benefits, shouldn’t they also be seeing it in the search results? On the Internet, this is how Google works. And if it doesn’t work like that in your enterprise, then people will assume it’s “broken”.

IntraSee’s Search 2.0 can solve this problem and provide that elusive universal search. Its adapter framework allows you to combine results from multiple on-premise and cloud applications into a single search. In addition to cloud search adapters, we also offer PeopleSoft content specific adapters such as our PeopleLink Search Adapter, Class Search Adapter and Advisee Adapter.

What do I get?

  • ✅ Integration to Secure Enterprise Search
  • ✅ Integration to Elastic Search
  • ✅ Third party/Cloud search providers
  • ✅ Native PeopleSoft search index integration
  • ✅ Facets/filters
  • ✅ Pagination
  • ✅ Configurable advanced search
  • ✅ Results promotion
  • ✅ Results blacklisting
  • ✅ API
  • ✅ Fully configurable UI
  • ✅ Mobile responsive

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