Build highly effective teams with your own talent


What is it?

Your organization has many talented people, but finding the right people and placing them on the right teams is a huge challenge. What is the point of tracking profile, performance and competencies if you can’t mine that data? TeamBuilder allows you to build highly effective teams and manage all the workflow and logistics.

Coupled with IntraSee’s PeopleLink and the PeopleLink Search Adapter, you can search for talent throughout your organization and build a team to take on any challenge. The best part is TeamBuilder leverages your existing HCM, Profile Management and Talent Management solutions, so you are not reinventing the wheel or creating unnecessary additional work.

Whether you need to build a new project team or assemble an emergency response team, TeamBuilder helps you mine and use the people data you have been tracking.

What do I get?

  • ✅ Teams and roles
  • ✅ Integrated to PeopleSoft Profile Management, HCM and Talent Management
  • ✅ Configurable workflow
  • ✅ Notifications and email alerts
  • ✅ Google-like Smart Search
  • ✅ Upward visibility
  • ✅ Availability markers
  • ✅ Invitations
  • ✅ Opt-in, Opt-out
  • ✅ Reusable templates
  • ✅ Integrated with IntraSee ESS/MSS

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