Automatically discover what else I may be interested in

IntraSee Topics

What is it?

Content is king, but that content can be so rich and expansive that it is impossible to manage and consume. Topics changes all of that by intelligently connecting content by related categories. Users can discover what they may also be interested in and content authors can easily tag content by topic. Content subscriptions also ensure users get just what they want and not unnecessary noise.

What do I get?

  • ✅ Categorize content in multiple ways
  • ✅ Connect users to related content
  • ✅ Subscribe to topics of interest
  • ✅ Pre-subscribe users by system attribute
  • ✅ Dynamic updates on “what’s new”
  • ✅ Flexible and complete information architecture
  • ✅ Navigation flexibility over a single menu that never works for your entire organization
  • ✅ Dynamically organizes your content based on what your user is looking for

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