Web Essentials 2.0

Modernize your Interaction Hub user experience

IntraSee News

What is it?

Content, announcements and events are core features in many of our employee, manager, student or faculty/advisor sites. Our Web Essentials suite is a collection of products that instantly gives your Interaction Hub the bells and whistles to support a modern user interface. The suite comes with our Content Browser, Rotating News, Calendar and Multi-pagelet. Get the most out of your user interface with IntraSee Web Essentials.

Rotating News

The News feature in the Interaction Hub can be the centerpiece of any homepage. This is your chance to grab attention and communicate key messages. Our research has shown that to grab attention, a few key messages with compelling imagery is the path to success. The Rotating News product does just this with options to rotate through top stories in addition to adding functionality for commenting, favorites, rating and more.


Events allow your users to see key deadlines and events in a calendar view. Typical Events include things such as benefits enrollment, performance periods, holidays, training sessions, deadlines related to dropping courses, submitting grades or paying tuition. The Event module produces calendar views and list views with lightboxed details and a fully configurable user interface.

Content Browser

Content in the Interaction Hub can come in many forms. From PDFs, Word docs and presentations, to HTML, links and images. IntraSee’s Content Browser allows you to drop a Pagelet on any page to enable easy browsing of a content folder. This includes traversing down the folder tree, searching with live results, filtering, hovering tooltips and rating content. Using the Content Browser allows you to relate collections of files to any business transaction, process or landing page.


Real-estate on your site is at a premium these days. The Multi-Pagelet allows you to combine more than one pagelet with a configurable layout such as tabs, accordions or slide outs. It is mobile ready and highly configurable. Get more content to your users without creating a cluttered look and feel.

What do I get?

  • ✅ A modern user interface
  • ✅ Instant ease of use
  • ✅ Less clicks
  • ✅ Uncluttered layouts
  • ✅ Cloud Adapter ready
  • ✅ Mobile ready

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