Rapid Implementations

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What is it?

IntraSee isn’t just a product company, we are also AI and UX implementation specialists too. This expertise is something that sets us apart in our field. Having the best Digital Assistant in the Enterprise isn’t enough if you don’t understand the best practices of how to implement it quickly and efficiently.

Our vast knowledge of the Enterprise software world, and deep functional understanding of the problems that organizations are facing, has enabled us to fine-tune our implementation methodologies for everything that we do.

Our products are built with complex organizations in mind, and configuration as a tool to solve those problems. Which means that projects that would take 12+ months with most vendors, only take 12 weeks for us. Faster and cheaper is our mantra. Whereas large consulting organizations feast on the mantra of longer and more expensive.

So whether you have a web UX need, using our award winning portal solutions, or want to enter the world of tomorrow with our conversational UX solutions (aka Digital Assistant), we have a 90 day path for you.

What do I get?

  • ✅ Pre-defined project plan
  • ✅ User interface (UI) that matches your brand
  • ✅ A plug-configure-play solution
  • ✅ Multi-channel ready
  • ✅ Multi-lingual ready
  • ✅ Hybrid Cloud compatible
  • ✅ GDPR compliant
  • ✅ Fully operational to test in 8 weeks or less
  • ✅ Automated testing and support
  • ✅ Knowledge transfer to your team

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