PeopleSoft Mobile

What is it?

Today’s users expect web sites to be accessible from any device. Mobile devices connected to our networks are outpacing desktops and your ERP system needs to be ready. While Fluid has mobile capabilities, that doesn’t cover all your pages or provide any control over the mobile experience. Furthermore, your content, portal homepages and cloud integrations all need to be fully responsive (accessible on any device) too. IntraSee’s responsive solutions turn the entire user experience into a delight to use on a phone, tablet, or the desktop. It extends beyond PeopleSoft components to cover the entire experience, just as your users expect.

What do I get?

  • ✅ Mobile optimized PeopleSoft transactions
  • ✅ Mobile portal homepages, navigation and search
  • ✅ Mobile integration with our Cloud Adapters
  • ✅ Mobile landing pages, content and more
  • ✅ Device support down to small smartphones
  • ✅ One code line for all devices
  • ✅ Restyling to make the mobile experience easy

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