Gideon Taylor Joins Oracle on PeopleSoft Chat Podcast

Podcast microphone

Paul Taylor and Andrew Bediz join Robbin Velayedam, Senior Director, Product Management – Oracle HCM, on this month’s PeopleSoft Chat podcast. The group talks about the Blueprint4D conference, artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise, and the factors to consider in a customers transition to cloud.

The podcast discussion covers a range of topics, including the challenges of getting users to adopt enterprise software, the importance of user experience, and the benefits of automation. The guests also discuss their experiences at Blueprint 4D, a PeopleSoft conference, and the future of PeopleSoft and enterprise software more broadly. They talk about the potential for integrating voice and conversation into enterprise software, as well as the benefits of cloud-based solutions. The podcast provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of enterprise software and highlights the importance of user-centered design.